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GPS Scavenger Hunt

Using the clues below, try to locate the 20 targets using their GPS coordinates. The targets are chosen for their geographic, historic, or visual signficance or a travel and tourism attraction and were selected by scanning the globe using Google Earth. To download this utility go to the google earth web site...

The contest will start some time in early 2008. Registration is going on now. Register your team by emailing your basic team information including team name, location, and team members to

Inappropriate team names will not be allowed. The standings in the contest will be posted weekly based on the most recent guesses for the 20 targets. Guesses on target locations can be submitted weekly and are due on Sunday evening received no later than 11:59 Eastern.

The contest will end at an arbitrary time to be announced a few weeks before the end of the contest. Prizes will be those that are donated by the contestants or contest sponsors. The prize list will be udated weekly as prizes are donated.

Guesses for each of the 20 targets are to be in GPS coordinates in the format degrees, minutes, and seconds North Lattitude, Degrees, minutes and seconds West Longitude.

Targets are 1 second lattitude by 1 second longitude in size and will contain the center of visual focus of the target area as viewed on Google Earth

The current targets have been selected and are located (in no particular order) in the following states/provinces:

Alabama, Alaska, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Iowa, Indiana, Maryland, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Ontario, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and 2 locations that are on or very near the border between states.

You might want to be sure that all your guesses cover as many states/provinces as possible. Eventually you will figure out which guess belongs to which state and you can zoom in on your targets. Clues might give hints as to which team is closest or farthest from certain targets, how close the guesses are or how many teams have either gotten the taget exactly or are within a certain distance.

The Clues for the targets will be updated weekly but will start with the following descriptions:

TargetDescription (and initial clue)Additional Clues (added weekly)
1. Landing Love - 40(two part answer)
2. A whole lot of nothing at Harry's back streetthe location has no significance, only the coordinates
3. Entertainers make a big splashbut not in the winter
4. Ring Between 16 and 3417 through 33 are not significant
5. Opera Floater(two part answer, google the result)
6. Flows over the river and through the woodsfor hundreds of miles
7. The "L" in Texasplain to see
8. Invisible BoatElephant! (nearby)
9. A tight fitfits like a key
10. Flock to the bordersalmost too obvious to be vague
11. 5 diamonds(not jewelry)
12. Closed - "X" marks the spoton an island of some sort
13. Convenience Store Promotionno store will be in sight
14. Which shore, which state?T he target is a watergoing vessel.
15. Joan's Love you should visit
16.What's This? in a body of water
17. What's This? near a metro area
18. What's This? fair
19. What's This? near amusing historic landmark
20. What's This?mall
Here are some hints (keep checking back for more)
Three of the targets are watergoing vessels
Three of the targets invovle runways
Three of the targets are near amusement rides
Three of the targets are tourist attractions (other than amusement parks)
Four targets are literally a shape, number or letter that can be seen at that location.